Tools to Manage Arthritis

With arthritis, many tasks around the farm that were once simple may no longer be carried out because of pain and stiffness in a farmer’s joints. Getting help from others may be beneficial, but is not always an option for long-term solutions. There are many assistive devices that can be used and modifications that can be made to make jobs easier and less painful.

For more information on where to find and purchase these assistive devices, please consult The Toolbox resource from Purdue University’s Breaking New Ground Resource Center by clicking on the link. To order the toolbox by phone, please call 1-800-825-4264.

Assistive Devices and Modifications 
-Ergonomic Tools

  • Addition of Tractor Steps
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Portable/Adjustable Stools
  • Knee Pads/Gardening Pads
  • Enlarged Tool Handles/Gloves
  • Automatic and Self-Adjusting Tools
  • Automated Gates
  • Automated Hitches
  • Push Feed Carts
  • Tractor Steering Wheel Knob/Enlarged Handles
  • Suspension Seat/Seat Cushion/Adjustable Arm Rests in 
  • Additional Mirrors on Tractors and other Large Equipment
  • Man Lifts for Tractors
  • Hand Controls